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We're going free!

As of 3rd May, we will be making everything on our site free for under-18s education worldwide.

Individuals, schools, tutors, and home educators all eligible!

You will be able to register from 3rd May 2022 for immediate access. Tell your friends and colleagues!

New experiments... they keep coming

Our latest releases have been:

  • Thermal insulation - measure the effect of using different materials and thicknesses to wrap a beaker of hot water on the rate of water cooling
  • Infrared emission (Leslie cube) - investigate the effect of different surfaces on infrared emission, as well as the temperature-dependence of IR emission and how source-detector separation affects measurements.

All experiments come with activity sheets, worksheets and automatically-answered questions, as well as the usual array of full, quick and video instructions and background theory.

Coming next:

New experiments:

  • Reflection and refraction of light (very soon!)
  • Ripple tank (different fluids and fluid depths - and see the effect of measuring on different planets!
  • Measurements of Young's modulus