Our virtual laboratory replicates real experiments: what you set is what you get.

We provide background theory with a selection of lesson plans and exercises.

Get involved with data collection and analysis for hands on learning If you'd like to use a spreadsheet to record and plot data but aren't sure how to do it, see our YouTube video guide to using Google Sheets. 

  1. All levels
  2. UK GCSE (Age 14-16)
  3. UK A-level (Age 16-18)
  4. UK Higher Ed. (Age 18+)



Tensile Testing (lite)

Ohm's Law

Free-fall due to Gravity

Gas Laws

Tensile Testing (FULL)


Potential Divider

Resistivity of a Wire

IV Characteristics of Devices

Hooke's Law

Specific Heat Capacity: Solids

Acceleration and Force

Density of Solids & Liquids

Resistance (of a wire)

Thermal Insulation

Leslie Cube (IR emission)

Reflection and Refraction of Light

Properties of waves (ripple tank)

Reflection and Refraction of Light (Advanced)

The Young Modulus (Pre-release)

Simple Harmonic Motion (Pendulum) - Early release