About us 

FlashyScience started as a conversation over a cup of tea between Dr Julian Dean and Professor Dan Allwood of how virtual experiments might help students discover and experience science for themselves. They wrote some virtual experiments in Flash and found that students learned quickly and loved the approach. FlashyScience was born…

…and then quickly died as Flash became unsupported on many browsers and platforms. Undeterred, they rewrote the simulations in HTML5 and launched the FlashyScience website in December 2017. 

Dr Julian Dean and Professor Dan Allwood are academics in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Sheffield in the UK. They teach undergraduate and postgraduate students alongside running their own research groups. Their research into materials for novel computer and energy technologies sees Julian using computer modelling to understand and improve electroceramic and magnetic materials, and Dan performing experiments with magnetic materials, nanotechnology and optics. They also run lots of outreach projects with school students, including creating a virtual reality Material Science experience, giving interactive talks and involving school students in their research.

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